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Dr. Del’s Math Enhancement Program

Amplify Your Math Skills!
Makes any Math Program MUCH Easier to Learn!

Reduces any Fear or Dislike of Math.
Learn to Love Math!
Build Self-confidence and Self-esteem!

In Dr. Del’s Math Enhancement Program, you will learn to Master a TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator and the Rules of Arithmetic through 28 Online Video Tutorial Lessons with Notes and Exercises and Quizzes delivered in a Modern Learning Management System with a Forum for student math questions.

Most students can complete the program in less than a month!

These tutorial videos make the Mastery of the TI-30Xa quicker and easier for most students.
Math can be Easy and Fun!

Augmented Intelligence is one Key Ingredient for Success for 21st Century Math Students.

Mastering the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator is a great first step in plugging into a resource for Augmented Intelligence.

The TI-30Xa (less than $10) is a wonderful Math Tool that would have been worth more than $395 in 1972 ($2,470 in 2020).

“Intelligence” is the ability to Understand Concepts and Solve Problems. “Augmented Intelligence” is simply greater Intelligence.

Arithmetic Calculations are often a Barrier to acquiring Intelligence IF a student is burdened with the classical – obsolete – manual – arithmetic algorithms which are difficult to learn – time consuming – error prone – and still taught in many schools. NO MORE!

A modern Math Tool like the TI-30Xa is a terrific augmentation to a student’s intelligence IF and WHEN the student Masters the Tool.

Program Includes:

  • PDF Notes and Exercise Book
  • 28 Online Video Tutorial Lessons from a Ph.D. in Math:
    1. TI-30XA Introduction
    2. ON/OFF FIX DEG M1 M2 M3
    3. Real Numbers: Add + Subtract – Equal =
    4. Negative Numbers + ≈ –
    5. Multiply × Divide ÷
    6. Percentage %
    7. Memory M1, M2, M3 STO RCL ( )
    8. X2 Square
    9. √X Square Root
    10. 1/X Reciprocal “Flip It”
    11. Fractions AB/C + – × ÷
    12. D/C Proper/Improper Fractions
    13. F ↔ D Fraction to Decimal Conversion
    14. DEG RAD GRAD Three Angle Measures
    15. SIN SIN-1
    16. COS COS-1
    17. TAN TAN-1
    18. Pre-Algebra Introduction
    19. Real Numbers, Integers, and Rationals
    20. The Number Line, Negative Numbers
    21. Rules of Addition + –
    22. Rules of Multiplication × ÷
    23. Distributive Law + and × Combined
    24. Fractions, A/B and C/D, Rules
    25. Squares X2 X Squared
    26. Square Roots √X
    27. Reciprocal 1/X X ≠ 0
    28. Exponents YX Y > 0, X Can Be Any Number
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Student Forum for Questions
  • Plus, four Golden Rule Math Books in PDF format:
    • Struggling Math Students
    • Successful Math Students
    • STEM Math Students
    • 21st Century Math Students

NOTE: TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator must be purchased separately. It is available at most big box store or on Amazon for less than $10.

Watch Tyler & Mom’s Experience!

Amplify Your Math Skills!
Makes any Math Program MUCH Easier to Learn!

Reduces any Fear or Dislike of Math.
Learn to Love Math!
Build Self-confidence and Self-esteem!

Thoughts from a Previous Student:

I began Triad Math as a sophomore homeschooler after taking another math curriculum that was completely unsuccessful in 1) making math easy, and 2) making math understandable. With Triad, it was totally different. As Tyler stated, Dr. Del comes down to earth and explains things on a level that everyone can understand. He teaches what someone not going into a STEM major needs to succeed in this life, and he also has tiers for those wanting to major in fields involving STEM. Dr. Del himself was a great help through it all, as well as his staff. It was because of them that math became something I am willing to work with, and this curriculum is also the reason I chose to go into a STEM major (civil engineering). the techniques and tools Dr. Del supplied me with actually helped me survive my first semester of college math. To Tyler, keep going and I wish the best to you and your mother. To Dr. Del, thanks so much for your diligence and help to myself and other students.

-Riley M., Previous Student

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For a detailed explanation of the program and Dr. Hane’s background, watch this 17 minute video!