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Succeed with Math – Now any Student can! Learn How with Dr. Del’s 21st Century book “Golden Rule Math for All God’s Children!”

Get Your FREE PDF Copy of Dr. Del’s new book,  Golden Rule Math for All God’s Children

Once you’ve had a chance to take a look at the book, you might be interested in Dr. Del’s Math Enhancement Program for only $7.77!

Here is a 5 Minute Video Message from Dr. Del on How You Can Amplify your Student’s Math Skills by Mastering a 21st Century Power Tool, the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator!

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Dr. Del’s Online Math Enhancement Program Includes:*

  • PDF Notes and Exercises for each Lesson
  • 28 Online Video Tutorial Lessons from a Ph.D. in Math:
    1. TI-30XA Introduction
    2. ON/OFF FIX DEG M1 M2 M3
    3. Real Numbers: Add + Subtract – Equal =
    4. Negative Numbers + ≈ –
    5. Multiply × Divide ÷
    6. Percentage %
    7. Memory M1, M2, M3 STO RCL ( )
    8. X2 Square
    9. √X Square Root
    10. 1/X Reciprocal “Flip It”
    11. Fractions AB/C + – × ÷
    12. D/C Proper/Improper Fractions
    13. F ↔ D Fraction to Decimal Conversion
    14. DEG RAD GRAD Three Angle Measures
    15. SIN SIN-1
    16. COS COS-1
    17. TAN TAN-1
    18. Pre-Algebra Introduction
    19. Real Numbers, Integers, and Rationals
    20. The Number Line, Negative Numbers
    21. Rules of Addition + –
    22. Rules of Multiplication × ÷
    23. Distributive Law + and × Combined
    24. Fractions, A/B and C/D, Rules
    25. Squares X2 X Squared
    26. Square Roots √X
    27. Reciprocal 1/X X ≠ 0
    28. Exponents YX Y > 0, X Can Be Any Number
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Student Forum for Questions

*NOTE: TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator must be purchased separately. It is available at most big box store or on Amazon for less than $10.

Here’s What Parents Tell Us About the Program!

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Snippets from Parents:

My son enjoyed using this course and learning how to better use a calculator for more advanced functions.

Mary Oliver, Entirely at Home

Dr. Del was an excellent instructor and was precisely what the kids needed and wanted.

Monique Gilkison, Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

This is a no-brainer for kids in pre-algebra to advanced math levels.

Linsey Knerl, Lille Punkin’

No matter what math curriculum your high school student is using, this program, along with its video lessons is a great resource for any homeschool.

Susan Reed, My Happy Homeschool

Here’s a Special 8 minute Video Message for Homeschoolers.

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