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Master the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator with Dr. Del’s Math Enhancement Program Only $7.77 with a Money Back Guarantee!

Amplify Your Student’s Math Skills!
Makes any Math Program MUCH Easier to Learn!

Reduces any Fear or Dislike of Math.
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A 5 Minute Video Message from Dr. Del on How Your Student can Master the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator

and Amplify their Math Skills with this 21st Century Power Tool!

There’s also a Special Message for Parents in an 8 minute video at the bottom of this page.

Here’s What 21 Parents Told Us!

Read all 21 Full Testimonials

Here are Snippets from the 21 Parent Testimonials:

My son enjoyed using this course and learning how to better use a calculator for more advanced functions.

Mary Oliver, Entirely at Home

Dr. Del was an excellent instructor and was precisely what the kids needed and wanted.

Monique Gilkison, Mountain of Grace Homeschooling

This is a no-brainer for kids in pre-algebra to advanced math levels.

Linsey Knerl, Lille Punkin’

All in all I have no problems with the class, only praise. Highly recommended!!

Wendy Robertson, Ladybug Daydreams

Overall, I would recommend this program for any student that wants to be more comfortable using a calculator in upper level math work.

Dawn Peluso, Schoolin’ Swag

The program was easy to use, my daughter learned quite a bit and enjoyed it too – so that is definitely a win in my book!

Rachel Kokes, Creative Kokes

I can absolutely recommend this program for your child who is preparing for advanced math classes.

Patty Moliterno, A Mother’s Random thoughts

No matter what math curriculum your high school student is using, this program, along with its video lessons is a great resource for any homeschool.

Susan Reed, My Happy Homeschool

I am certain your student will be relieved, and excited, to learn what all those special keys on the scientific calculator are supposed to be used for!

Wendy Ross, Life on Chickadee Lane

Overall, this course was a benefit for my son. While there wasn’t anything flashy about the online program, he didn’t become overwhelmed or struggle. He gained confidence in using the calculator.

Joanna Yates, Home is Where the Heart Is

I am looking forward to working through the rest of the course with my 7th grader as he moves up in math and hoping it will help him to have this knowledge about calculators.

Desiree Winz, Our Homeschool Notebook

We recommend this Triad Math, Inc. product for students ready to use the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator.

Ta’Neisha Kemp, Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup, & Homeschool

As I watch my son progress through this program I can attest to how quickly and easily he is gaining math skills and also having fun ‘playing math the sport.’

Jennifer King, Worth a Bowed Head

This course would be a great resource for all math students, specifically middle and high school.

Jennifer Grunmeier, Homeschool Fanatic

I wish I had access to a course like this as we were wading through higher level math with my first born!

Renita San Antonio, Mom of Many

I wish my other children would have had this resource before taking on using a Scientific calculator.”Dr. Del”, the teacher in the videos, will certainly make it a good experience for his students and Hope is excited to go on to the new lessons soon.

Betty Daley, Let’s Get Real

After completing 8 lessons, she feels far more confident in using the more advanced functions. She understands why she is using them and how they work, not only on the calculator but also on paper.

Michelle Wyatt, Life in the Nerddom

Sam has enjoyed learning to use the TI-30Xa scientific calculator. He was especially excited to learn how to calculate fractions on the calculator. This course has been a wonderful support to his math studies and has provided him with a new tool to help solve complex equations.

Teresa Brouillette,

It will be a valuable resource as we continue through our math studies. Our Personal Rating:  5 of 5 Stars

Jacquelin Caffey, A Stable Beginning

If you have a child that is middle school age, high school age, or even college age that understands math, and needs to take timed math tests, this is the curriculum for you.

Ellen Wike, Homeschooling Highway

The tutorial videos allowed him to understand the material much easier, as he is a visual and kinesthetic learner.

Robyn Talbert, Hope at Home

Online “Master the TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator” Program Includes:*

  • PDF Notes and Exercises for each Lesson
  • 28 Online Video Tutorial Lessons from a Ph.D. in Math:
    1. TI-30XA Introduction
    2. ON/OFF FIX DEG M1 M2 M3
    3. Real Numbers: Add + Subtract – Equal =
    4. Negative Numbers + ≈ –
    5. Multiply × Divide ÷
    6. Percentage %
    7. Memory M1, M2, M3 STO RCL ( )
    8. X2 Square
    9. √X Square Root
    10. 1/X Reciprocal “Flip It”
    11. Fractions AB/C + – × ÷
    12. D/C Proper/Improper Fractions
    13. F ↔ D Fraction to Decimal Conversion
    14. DEG RAD GRAD Three Angle Measures
    15. SIN SIN-1
    16. COS COS-1
    17. TAN TAN-1
    18. Pre-Algebra Introduction
    19. Real Numbers, Integers, and Rationals
    20. The Number Line, Negative Numbers
    21. Rules of Addition + –
    22. Rules of Multiplication × ÷
    23. Distributive Law + and × Combined
    24. Fractions, A/B and C/D, Rules
    25. Squares X2 X Squared
    26. Square Roots √X
    27. Reciprocal 1/X X ≠ 0
    28. Exponents YX Y > 0, X Can Be Any Number
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Student Forum for Questions

*NOTE: TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator must be purchased separately. It is available at most big box store or on Amazon for less than $10.

Dr. Del’s Math Enhancement Program also includes a PDF Copy of Golden Rule Math for All God’s Children to help Parents Understand how to deliver an Optimal Math Education to all of their children very cost effectively and Fun and Easy for both Parents and Students.

Learn how to obtain Your FREE PDF Copy of Dr. Del’s new book, Golden Rule Math for All God’s Children, at the 6:48 Minute mark of Dr. Del’s 8 minute Video which explains this.

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